BendPro G2 v3 Control Systems

HMT provides BendPro G2 v3 controls on all tube and pipe benders that we manufacture – Both CNC and NC machines. HMT also provides BendPro G2 v3 on all of its import benders as well. All benders can be diagnosed remotely to provide exemplary service to our customers.


BendPro G2 v3 Control Systems

BendPro brings new life and performance to any CNC bender and has become the industry standard in North America. Customer feedback has been that BendPro offers the highest level of performance, reliability, and functionality available.

Horn Machine Tools has been standardized on BendPro since 2001 and has grown to be the largest BendPro OEM in the world. HMT provides BendPro G2 control systems on all CNC benders that it manufactures and also the Horn Metric line of CNC tube benders as well. HMT’s technology has advanced well beyond traditional PLC and touch screen interfaces that are traditionally provided on single axis benders, and HMT now provided BendPro Control systems on NC benders as well.