V-Tube Laser CMM Software

Input and extract tube data from the universal STEP and IGES solid model file formats.

V Tube Laser CMM Software


That’s the kind of response from customers when they’re introduced to VTUBE.

We could not agree more.

There’s a lot of power under the hood on this package. This is a tool designed just for tube fabricators to open up connections from solid models that were previously difficult or impossible to read.

V Tube Laser CMM Software

VTube-STEP Sends Solid Model data to CNC Benders in Seconds, plus:

  • Build Solid Models from XYZ Data
  • Build Rectangular Parts
  • Send Reports to Excel
  • ‚ÄčEasy to Turn Solid Into Centerline
  • Unbend with Components
  • Automatically Build SolidWorks Tubes
  • Extend an End Point
  • Configurable Reports
  • Save Bender Data or Send Data to the Bender
  • Extract Tubes from Assembly

Build Solid Models from XYZ Data

VTube builds new models from XYZ data that can used to build reports or exported as STEP files for transfer to other solid model programs like SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Pro/E, CATIA, etc.

Extract Tubes from Assembly

Import entire assemblies and extract tube shapes to send to tube benders.

‚ÄčEasy to Turn Solid Into Centerline

VTube is designed to take in generic data and then allow you to find the tube shape from that data. You collect the geometry for each straight by selecting it, then press “Calculate XYZ Data”, and the math engine does the rest.