Superior Technical Support

The sales team duty is to find the customers, develop the first order and then it’s our service team who will earn the customer’s trust and respect which will secure future orders.


Whether your business runs one eight hour shift, or runs 24 / 7 every day of the year, HMT has the service and support team in place to provide service when you need it.


HMT has 9 very experienced support technicians that are located throughout the continental United States. They exist to provide start-up and operator training, and they can also repair benders if required to do so. Most of them have decades of experience and they have both built and rebuilt CNC tube benders and they won’t be learning on the job.


In addition to support in the field, HMT has the ability to troubleshoot it’s machines or provide applications assistance from anywhere in the world by going online with the bender control. HMT does not charge for online support and many problems can be solved in minutes.


Some technicians are also bilingual, and they support HMT’s installed base in Mexico and South America.

HMT Brand Promise

To deliver quality built machines and systems on-time with Great Service and Communication by making our Customers a partner in the process. Every need and concern they have is our reason for being in business. ~”We produce EXCELLENT RESULTS”

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