Horn Metric Family of Tube & Pipe Benders

In 2005, Horn Machine Tools, Inc. and Chiao Sheng Machinery (CSM) in Taiwan, began one of the most successful partnerships that the machine tool industry has ever seen. Horn Machine Tools became CSM’s distributor for North America and was licensed to sell CSM’s benders under the Horn Metric brand.
Both companies recognized that for the venture to be successful the installation of the BendPro G2 control systems on CSM’s benders would be critical for the venture’s success. Eventually both companies would offer the same Yaskawa Sigma 7 servo products and HIWIN linear & bearings, to create additional synergies between the HMT and Horn Metric product lines.
The partnership allows HMT to work with a very wide range of customers from Tier 1 automotive & aerospace companies to an entry level operation purchasing their first machine. HMT has provided more than 700 benders throughout North and South America in the first 17 years of our partnership.

It is not a secret, the machine tool industry has been increasingly demanding all-electric CNC tube benders. The technology in the Horn Metric all-electric CNC machines is very similar to the technology in the HMT’s benders. Both brands use the same BendPro G2 software control and the same Yaskawa Sigma 7 servo products.

HMT’s machines are designed to be faster as the servo motors are larger on any given axis, and the gear reductions are lower. The flip side of the coin is the Horn Metric all-electric machines are less expensive to purchase and HMT maintains them in its inventory. Both brands provide great value to HMT’s customers and both brands are supported by HMT’s sales engineers and service technicians, who are located throughout the United states.

A Hybrid tube bender is a CNC machine that has a combination of electric servo driven axes and hydraulic cylinder driven axes. The electric axes are used for positioning (swing arm, carriage, collet, etc.) and this allows hybrid benders to be faster and more accurate than their hydraulic counterparts. By utilizing hydraulic cylinders, the purchase price of the machine is lowered and end-users are able to realize better performance than a hydraulic CNC machine can provide.

Horn Machine Tools concentrates its efforts on manufacturing all-electric CNC tube benders. That does not mean there is no place for hybrid benders, and HMT imports hybrid benders from CSM and installs BendPro G2 controls on these machines. A lot of value at an affordable price is the end result. If a customers budget cannot justify an all-electric CNC machine, then a hybrid machine is the next best thing.