Measuring Tools

HMT is pleased to be a partner with FARO, the world’s metrology leader!

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Faro Technologies is one of the world’s leading metrology companies. Their innovative measuring arms and laser & contact probes allow for precise measuring of the most difficult and demanding tube measurement applications. Faro products can be used in a permanent location but are also portable.

Faro equipment used in conjunction with Advanced Tubular’s V-Tube Laser software creates the perfect solution for every company’s metrology requirements. V-Tube Laser software is “state of the art” and easy to use. It includes the following features and capabilities:

V-Tube Software

  • Import solid models
  • Measure rectangular & square parts
  • Measure 180 degree “gooseneck” parts
  • Import Supravision projects
  • Seam orientation for bending
  • Multiple alignment types
  • Onsite training and start-up
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Export Step Files
  • Calculate diameters in real time
  • Calculate end-trim values
  • One probe for all diameters
  • Automatic warnings
  • Commmunicate with multiple benders
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HMT Gold System

Faro’s most advanced tube measuring machine features a 9 foot envelope and 7-axis Edge measuring arm and Faro’s revolutionary laser line probe. (Larger & smaller arms are also available). Faro’s revolutionary probe is ideal for non-contact measurement applications but includes contact measurement probes as well. This system is Faro’s newest leading-edge technology and this system can be used in both portable and stationary applications. All future development will occur around this product line. Package includes base plate, calibration kit, 2 contact probes (3mm & 6MM), tube stand with clamp, rechargeable battery, cables and heavy duty carrying case. Advanced Tubular V-Tube Laser software and one day of onsite training is also included (travel is not included and will be determined by customer location). 1-year standard warranty.

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HMT Silver System

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HMT Bronze System