Multi-stack Hybrid CNC Tube Bender


Horn Metric 130MRE-RBE

The Horn Metric CNC 130MRE-RBE is a 5-Axis, multi-stack, CNC tube bender where all positioning axes are electric servo driven. HMT also provides this bender model with a servo PDA which allows for superior control and decreased setup times. This bender has rear carriage boost and it is an excellent bender for exhaust applications, and up to 3 stacks of tooling can be mounted on this machine. This bender ahs hydraulic clamping. This bender is provided with a BendPro G2v3 control system and can be supplied with either LH or RH rotation, and HMT also provides it with extended bed designs.


Specifications UNIT US METRIC
Non-ferrous tubing (Yield to 25,000 PSI) IN/MM 5.000 X 0.236 127.0 X 6.0
Steel tubing (Yield to 40,000 PSI) IN/MM 5.000 X .0150 127.0 X 3.8
Stainless steel tubing (Yield to 60,000 PSI) IN/MM 5.000 X 0.098 127.0 X 2.5
Square steel tubing (Yield to 40,000 PSI) IN/MM 3.500 X 0.138 90.0 X 3.5
Steel pipe IPS 3 IPS Sch 80
Solid steel bar IN/MM 2.360 60.0