Hydraulic Single Axis Tube & Pipe Booster Bender

6.0 STD


HMT manufactures a full line of all electric benders but also manufactures special purpose, large hydraulic single axis (NC) benders upon request. One of these benders is for the boiler tube industry and it has a hydraulic booster on the pressure die that is the key to making 1D bends using thick-wall boiler tubing for the boiler industry. Booster benders often have very long rear loader systems that allow the manufacturers of boiler to work with extremely long tubes.

HMT provides these special benders with a BendPro control and they can be serviced from anywhere on the planet as required.


Specifications UNIT US METRIC
Non-ferrous tubing (Yield to 25,000 PSI) IN/MM 6.00 X 0.250 150 X 6.3
Steel tubing (Yield to 40,000 PSI) IN/MM 6.00 X 0.165 150 X 4.0
Stainless steel tubing (Yield to 60,000 PSI) IN/MM 4.50 X 0.172 115 X 4.3
Square steel tubing (Yield to 40,000 PSI) IN/MM 4.00 X 0.250 100 X 6.3
Steel pipe IPS 4 IPS Sch 80
Solid steel bar IN/MM 3.50 89