All-electric Multi-stack CNC Tube Bender



HMT’s 6.0ECNC-MS bender is the largest multi-stack CNC bender that HMT provides. The frame increases in size and the gear ratios and the KW of the servo motors increase as well in order to develop the necessary torque to bend 6″OD stainless with tight radius requirements. Some manufacturers shift the entire bend head when changing stacks on a 6″ machine and this causes long cycle times to occur on multiple bend parts. HMT’s unibody construction allows for fast and efficient stack shifting on the 6.0ECNC-MS as only the tube is shifted vertically and horizontally.


Specifications UNIT US METRIC
Non-ferrous tubing (Yield to 25,000 PSI) IN/MM 6.000 X 0.375 150.0 X 9.5
Steel tubing (Yield to 40,000 PSI) IN/MM 6.000 X 0.188 150.0 X 4.7
Stainless steel tubing (Yield to 60,000 PSI) IN/MM 6.000 X 0.095 150.0 X 2.4
Square steel tubing (Yield to 40,000 PSI) IN/MM 4.000 X 0.250 100.0 X 6.3
Steel pipe IPS 5 IPS Sch 80
Solid steel bar IN/MM 3.500 88.9