All-Electric Single-Stack CNC Tube Bender


HMT manufactures a full line of single stack all electric CNC tube benders. These benders are easily configured to include a variety of options including extended bend lengths and low interference clamp & pressure die systems.

HMT’s 4.0ECNC-SS model is a heavy-duty design that is capable of bending 4″ OD stainless steel on a 4″ CLR. This model is also designed to run 24/7 and has automatic setup capabilities because there are no manual adjustments like jack screws. All tooling starting positions and parameters are stored with the part program. A full toolset change takes about 10 minutes!


Specifications UNIT US METRIC
Non-ferrous tubing (Yield to 25,000 PSI) IN/MM 4.000 X 0.375 101.6 X 9.5
Steel tubing (Yield to 40,000 PSI) IN/MM 4.000 X 0.188 101.6 X 4.7
Stainless steel tubing (Yield to 60,000 PSI) IN/MM 4.000 X 0.095 101.6 X 2.4
Square steel tubing (Yield to 40,000 PSI) IN/MM 2.500 X 0.250 63.5 X 6.3
Steel pipe IPS 3 IPS Sch 40
Solid steel bar IN/MM 2.500 63.5