All-electric Multi-stack CNC Tube Bender


When Horn Machine Tools designed the 4″ CNC all-electric bender, this model needed to have the same performance characteristics as the rest of the HMT multi-stack CNC family. This machine needed to have the capability of bending 4″ OD stainless steel on a 4″ CLR, and it needed to be able to do so as fast as possible and still be able to run 24/7. You can’t just scale down a 5″ CNC machine or scale up a 3″ CNC tube bender. At HMT we start with the correct frame design to handle bending the 4″ OD / 4″ CLR metric, and then add all of our usual design features that are correctly sized to that frame. The end result is not the least expensive machine, but will be the machine that a company can make money with for decades to come.


Specifications UNIT US METRIC
Non-ferrous tubing (Yield to 25,000 PSI) IN/MM 4.000 X 0.375 101.6 X 9.5
Steel tubing (Yield to 40,000 PSI) IN/MM 4.000 X 0.188 101.6 X 4.7
Stainless steel tubing (Yield to 60,000 PSI) IN/MM 4.000 X 0.095 101.6 X 2.4
Square steel tubing (Yield to 40,000 PSI) IN/MM 2.500 X 0.250 63.5 X 6.3
Steel pipe IPS 3 IPS Sch 40
Solid steel bar IN/MM 2.500 63.5